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Our Donkey Trail is for everyone! Walking with the Donkeys through the area of outstanding natural beauty provides a much-needed break from the busy world. The benefits of nature and mental health are for all ages and backgrounds.


Our trail is brimming with wildlife. Part of our mission at Moel Famau Donkeys is to connect you with nature and use our land to enhance the local ecosystem. On the trail, our trained guides will educate the group about the local landscape, wildlife and vegetation.


Our land is home to wildflowers, birds of prey, insects and jaw-dropping scenery. The wonderful thing about nature is that it provides an experience that can be shared among all ages.

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Donkeys are said to have Zen-like grounding qualities that can help humans feel as relaxed as they do. Donkeys have helped many people to cope with PTSD, as well as proving to be excellent therapy animal for children with autism and learning difficulties.

We often hear visitors say they feel relaxed and calm when they have spent time with the donkeys.


We encourage you to step into nature with the Donkeys and explore the mental health benefits.

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