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Bess is from Texas and our oldest Donkey. She is a little cheeky, but behaves if you speak to her in your best American Accent!

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Tilly is the youngest of the gang and Polly's daughter. She is grey in colour and has a super cheeky personality.

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Polly is Tilly's Mum. She has a kind and caring nature but loves attention! She enjoys nothing more than a good scratch.

Our Donkeys

Moel Famau is home to 6 rehomed Donkeys, each with their own distinctive personality! 


Blodwen is the senior member of the group. Donkey Brown in colour, she is calm, wise and takes her time to enjoy the trail.

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Nancy is ginger in colour and the noisiest of the group. She always leads the trail and loves a snack.


Rosie is Polly's sister and Tilly's Auntie. She is inquisitive, loves the agility course and exploring. 

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